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    Full height slab backsplashes

    Standard backsplash means the lesser surface area covered in tiles. This means reduced damage at the time of kitchen makeovers. A full backsplash covers almost the entire wall. Any thought about changing such a backsplash means large-scale renovation. A standard backsplash offers more flexibility in terms of change of color and style. Full height backsplash also offers the ultimate protection for your kitchen. Using full height backsplash protects your walls from moisture damage, staining, and heat.

    Standard backsplashes

    Standard backsplashes are typically more budget-friendly because of the materials. You’re using fewer materials and the fewer materials the more you’re saving cost-wise. This is especially true if you are going to be using an expensive countertop material or having a hard time trying to match tiles to the color of the countertop. The fewer materials used during a kitchen remodel, the more eco-friendly your kitchen will be. If this is something that you are concerned about during a kitchen remodel, then a standard backsplash is the way to go. No matter how “timeless” you think your kitchen will be now, there will always be the desire to switch things up and your tastes are most likely going to change. With a smaller backsplash, it would be easier to switch things up down the line and add different paint or wallpaper to change the look, rather than want to tear out the whole backsplash. Standard backsplashes are typically 4 inches but you can make them taller, even double the height up to 8 inches. You have full control over how you want it to look.

    Full backsplashes

    When you have a full backsplash, you are giving off a clean and tidy look. They’re known to tie the whole room together and give an easy transition from the countertop to the cabinets. Most homeowners who opt for full-size backsplash often use this to add a pop of color to their kitchen. This can help you add depth, dimension, and color into your kitchen. There is a lot of options that you can use to blend your kitchen well together. Backsplashes aren’t just for looks, they will also help protect your walls. They will give your walls protection from damage and staining that moisture and cooking can cause. They’re easy to wipe down anything that may get on them. It is a very high-end look that doesn’t necessarily cost a lot more—depending on the surface you choose, of course.

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