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    Calacatta Borghini marble is a well known, luxury marble. Essentially, it's the original “calacatta”, having undergone a particular process of re-crystallization which has made it stronger, more durable, yet transparent. Thus making it suitable for a wide range of

    The Journey Natural Stone Takes Ever wonder how Calia gets stones for your projects? SLIDE 2: BOOM! The quarries are line with electric dynamite to break the blocks up. SLIDE 3: CLAWS DEEP. Ever wonder why some slabs are bigger than others? It’s because when

    A lot of homeowners and designers asking ask how is marble in the kitchen. Is it safe to put this on countertops or it’s too gentle? Well.. It really depends. First of all.. What is marble? Marble is a metamorphic rock, which

    When starting a new project or remodeling any space of your home, it is important to know what stone would be the most suitable for that setting. There tends to be a lot of misconceptions about different stones and their

    Standard backsplash means the lesser surface area covered in tiles. This means reduced damage at the time of kitchen makeovers. A full backsplash covers almost the entire wall. Any thought about changing such a backsplash means large-scale renovation. A standard

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