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    At Calia Stone Boutique, you can be confident that you
    are providing yourself and your clients the best variety of
    quartzite, marble, onyx, and specialty stones. From elegant and
    traditional to unique statement pieces—we are proud to offer
    the most beautiful natural stones this earth has to offer. We
    are your trusted partner in material selection, providing your
    clients with an elevated stone-selection experience. We pride
    ourselves on bringing project management to the next level
    and being a valued resource for designers and architects

    Partnerships & Collaboration

    Calia Stone Boutique is always open to new partnerships and collaborations including showroom display opportunities, event pairings, sponsorship opportunities and more!

    Rewards Program

    Our rewards program is a way for us to say, ``Thank you!`` Be sure to sign up - the quicker you start utilizing our warehouse for project selections, the quicker you will start earning your rewards!

    Sample Request

    We are proud to offer samples of all stones we have in stock, giving designers the tools to complete their design presentations for clients.

    Discover all the possibilities
    our brand offers you

    When you think about a small business, what comes to your mind first? Maybe it's a local neighborhood restaurant, or that cute boutique on the corner with best shoe selection. What makes these small businesses so special? Why do you keep going back? These are the questions that drive us.

    Stone Knowledge 101

    When starting a new project or remodeling any space of your home, it is important to know what stone would be the most suitable for that setting. There tends to be a lot of misconceptions about different stones and their maintenance. Here is a quick guide to refer to when designing your new project...


    Get all the news and updates that Calia Stone has to offer!  Learn about new releases, tips and tricks for your projects, and proper care for our stones.

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