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    Kristin Cali Schloemer


    Everyone always asks me, ``How did you get into this industry?`` Honestly, I followed the path I was given - and choosing door number 3 - I ended up here! I absolutely wouldn’t change it for the world. Taking on the challenge of a small business, aligning myself with the best team. I am learning constantly everyday. Here at Calia, we are striving to hold a standard of the best. Staying educated and positive keeps us moving and growing. Recently, I decided to challenge myself more with moving the warehouse, looking for a home, and in hopes to start traveling again!

    Meghan Doka

    Outside Sales Consultant

    As a sales representative, or in more fun terminology, being a ``stone stylist`` at Calia Stone Boutique is having the ability to create relationships, while fueling days with passion and creative freedom in the stone industry. I live my everyday life with fashion styling, alternative music and my favorite office episodes. Always having the Michael Scott mentality, “You miss 100% of the shots you never take.” – Michael Scott – aka Wayne Gretzky (to those who are fans of the show). I recently relocated to Florida with my husband, we are making a new home down here and pursing my creative passions.

    Corinne Schultz

    Inside Sales Consultant

    Corinne works out of the downtown showroom in Chicago and wears many different hats at the company. From planning fun events downtown, to organizing all of our Calia Care Services. She comes from a diverse background in production design, event design, and wholesale flowers. What she loves most about her job is getting to connect with clients and see what exciting new projects they're working on. Corinne has a wide range of passions including film, interior design, and travel.

    Victoria Young

    Outside Sales Consultant

    Victoria is an upbeat, creative personality who thinks through the entire design process. She has been a part of the Interior Design community for 8 years; working at a number of Chicago’s top luxury residential design firms. She has “honed” her skills for textiles, details and customer service. When Victoria is not hard at work, you can typically find her hiking, playing sports and spending time with her cat, Primrose.

    Anna Breitner

    Outside Sales Consultant

    When I started in the stone and tile industry 15 years ago, I thought it would be just a couple of years before I would go back to practicing interior design. Well…I never left. I fell in love with materials and exquisite natural colors from earth. It is incredible to think that new colors are still being discovered daily. I remember when the first container came in, and I was just as excited to see what was in it as if it were a Christmas morning! I love what I do, and I get to share that passion with my team and clients every day. When I am not working, however, I spend most of my time with my kids and dogs…oh, and husband. We take long romantic walks in north Michigan trails.

    Meghan Riordan

    Inside Sales Consultant

    Meghan has a passion for all things interior design, from construction and materials to decor and DIY projects. She is joining our team as an Inside Sales Representative and is excited to help you find the perfect stones for your project.

    Jennifer Sucech

    Inside Sales Consultant

    Jen works out of our Elk Grove Village warehouse location. Her background spans the fields of mental health, telecommunications, and interior design. Jen’s love for natural stones is unlike any other and she truly enjoys working with others to help them create the space of their dreams. In her free time, Jen can be found practicing Reiki, making moon water, and spending time with friends and family.


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