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Life in the warehouse

Our day in the warehouse starts pretty simply. We unlocked the entrance door and we’re welcoming our costumers! Some of them have already set appointments but some of them just get from walks in. First of all, we offer them something to drink and a nice conversation. Usually, they know what they’re looking for. Most people right now decide to choose only natural stone: marble, granite, quartzite, soapstone, dolomite. They bring to us always some samples from the house, sometimes tiles, sometimes some materials or wall colors. Then we start our tour with stones slabs. We explain to them which stone is for which place, what kind of stone is, what is good for and we always try to find the best solution for them even we sometimes don’t have everything available. Our mission is always to help costumers and make them happy and satisfied. After that, we contact their fabricator or designer and send them all the information. We always ask about their information too to stay always in touch if they need something. That’s it! It looks very simple and easy but not every day it is.

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our warehouse
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